Close the door

Please Close the Door

Close the door.

You: “Hey Jim” Jim: “Hey” You: “C,mon in, close the door.” Jim: “Oh, OK” You: “So….”

So. You just asked someone in your workplace to close the door so that you could talk to them. It worked. They closed the door…. Now you are inviting them into a world of secret information.

Yes. They closed the door.

Or maybe you are Jim. Maybe you are the one that closed the door for the person that asked you to. Now you feel part of something. You now feel privy to private information that others obviously aren’t. You are affirmed in feeling as if you are part of that particular secret faction. It feels a little devious to agree to close the door because you know that, in some large or small way, another human being is going to be affected, and in not a great way, and that they don’t know the information that you are going to know soon. You obviously are deserving of this information, because someone trusted you enough to secretly share the information with you enough to have you close the door.

Or maybe you are the one that ask Jim to close the door. It worked. You ask someone to close a door. It feels good to make them a part of your secret information. You are not only forming a minor secret bond with this person, but you get to enjoy the sly affirmation you receive from anointing them as deserving of the

information. They closed the door. They created that a literal, figurative and symbolic door has been closed. The door to an open and transparent working environment has been closed. Withheld information and future politicking is fast on its way. The door has been closed.

The door of courage to confront an issue with truth and integrity has closed, as well. But the other door has opened. The door to the world of secretly manipulating factions and acting and glancing and whispering and silence. The door has opened to the world of closing doors. It’s the first step. To more doors being closed.

You might say, “yeah, well that’s a bit much, that’s kind of bullshit”. And you’re right, it might be bullshit. But there’s one thing that’s not bullshit. Everything I just said.

Sometimes, indeed, it is quite necessary to close the door, but sometimes…..

“You can leave the door open”


©2020 Mick Napier


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