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1000 Songs

You should thank a fellow named Anthony “Tony” Faddell. He has made your life SO MUCH better. In 2000, he had an idea for a device that you could carry. The device would hold 1000 songs. It would also have an online delivery system for the songs themselves. After two companies turned him down, Apple decided to develop his idea, and with Steve Jobbs behind it, Tony Faddell went on to create the Ipod and Itunes.

I won’t name the two companies that initially turned him down.

They are Realnetworks and Phillips.

While you have meetings that focus on the future and ideas and innovation, many of you are in those meetings actually thinking about being on your Ipads and Iphones, not realizing the irony that the innovative core philosophy of another company has created a product so amazing that it distracts you from a conversation about innovation in your own business and life.

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