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Close the Door

Please Close the Door Close the door. You: “Hey Jim” Jim: “Hey” You: “C,mon in, close the door.” Jim: “Oh, OK” You: “So….” So. You just asked someone in your workplace to close the door so that you could talk to them. It worked. They closed the door…. Now you are inviting them into a world of secret information. Yes.…

IRC Podcast

Mick Napier, the Artistic Director of the Annoyance Theatre is my guest. We talk about nudging students to get better, breaking out of your habits, playing without making sense, presenting long form, improv auditions and Martin de Maat.

Jimmy sits down for a candid conversation with legendary improviser and director Mick Napier. Mick discusses his formation of the Annoyance Theater, his work with Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert, and how he came to deconstruct the rules of improvisation.


ShitFYRE: A Musical Retelling of the Fyre Fest Debacle

I co-directed this show with Duke Harbison at The Annoyance Theatre. The script was developed with the cast and created by Jennifer Estlin.  Composer and Music Director Matthew Pollack. It plays Fridays at 8pm and it’s great. Come see it.

ShitFYRE: A Musical Retelling of the Fyre Fest Debacle

Directors: Mick NapierDuke Harbison, Composer/Music Director: Matthew Pollack,  Script Editor/Advisor: Jennifer Estlin   Cast:  Rich AlfonsoKimi ArquinesAshley Leisten,  Ryan Livingston, Evan MulrooneyAndy RowellAmber WallinJordan Wilson

On Wednesday January 15th I will be a guest with Jennifer Estlin on the live show FOOD BOOZE and TUNES with host Cleetus Friedman. Come see that, too. Click on ATTEND below for tickets.

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